ADHD Inside Out

As an adult diagnosed with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), a father of someone with ADHD, and an ADHD Coach, Consultant, and Academic Strategist; I have constructed this website in the hope that it will inform, support, and equip: 

  • other individuals diagnosed with ADHD
  • their friends/family, and 
  • fellow professionals working with those affected by ADHD. 

Educating the general public is always a primary focus undergirding the treatment of any disorder; with ADHD this is of paramount importance 
because of the many myths surrounding this topic; such as:

  • "ADHD doesn’t exist, or it is over diagnosed"
  • "ADHD is caused by bad parenting"
  • “Adults don’t have ADHD, so your child will outgrow it"
  • "Everyone has ADHD symptoms to some degree; it’s no big deal!"
  • "ADHD is an excuse to be __________" (fill in the blank with some derogatory label)

One particular myth actually belongs to those who view ADHD as a legitimate concern and has proven to be a profound barrier to successful treatment; it suggests that “medication is all that most patients need to successfully treat their ADHD.” 

People behind this myth point toward research studies to validate the value of medication, but professional studies also verify that medication, on its own, is an insufficient treatment for ADHD. 

The Centre for ADHD Awareness, Canada (CADDAC) posted a paper here. Eighty studies are referred to in this paper which states, 

   “research shows that medication treatment alone does not improve 
    many of the skills required to be academically and socially successful”, 
   “it is essential that treatment be comprehensive, collaborative, and 
.  Presently, many proven non-medication treatments for 
    ADHD, such as cognitive behaviour therapy,
 ADHD coachingparent 
, to mention just a few recommended in these guidelines...”

Medication provides varying degrees of effectiveness for each individual, but rarely reduces symptoms to a degree that does not require additional personal support. As well, as mentioned already, informing people about the facts of ADHD can be a great help as well, but the problem is, ADHD is an inability to “do what you know”; therefore, ADHD individuals are not greatly benefitted by simply “knowing” what ADHD is, and “knowing” what they could do about it.

It is for this reason that I coach. Coaching reaches beyond the symptoms and facts into the very motivations and aspirations of the individual, empowering them to dream, plan, and take action in concert with their genuine intentions.

I hope this website is a beneficial beginning for those who have been diagnosed with ADHD, as well as their family and friends. I also hope to encourage those who may have been unsuccessful at treating ADHD with medication, or knowledge alone, to reach out for help from someone who knows that “knowing is not enough”. 

          Recent Favourite Client Quote:
“I think my life might be easier without ADHD, but I don’t think it would be better."

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