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ADHD does not stop anyone from succeeding, but it certainly forces them to work much harder and to develop coping strategies in order to navigate a world structured without ADHD in mind. For this reason, many individuals with ADHD severely underachieve in education, careers, relationships, and society.

I was diagnosed with ADHD as an adult. Like most individuals diagnosed in adulthood, I was unaware of just how much effort coping required in my everyday life. Over time it was easy to look back and identify my coping strategies and appreciate the extra energy demanded of me in order to succeed with ADHD, but I have had my fair share of failures also. Most of my failures were clearly rooted in the symptoms of ADHD, especially the all too common paradoxical ADHD equation: "proficiency = failure” (read about it here).

Along with my own experience with this disorder, my wife and I raised two boys - one with ADHD and one without. This experience provided a hands-on perspective of the contrasting paths to maturity between children with and without this disorder - from birth through to young adults. Although parental challenges are different for every child, ADHD always adds dimensions that require specific attention - and intention - from parents. For my wife and I, the experience of raising each of our sons was personally fulfilling.

Beyond this personal experience with ADHD, my experience as the chief executive of four non-profit organizations provided a unique understanding of the social impact of ADHD. The organizations I led supported individuals and families experiencing desperate social conditions: poverty, homelessness, social exclusion, and criminal behavior among their children. Individuals with ADHD were grossly over-represented among the patrons of these organizations. It was not difficult to identify how ADHD had negatively impacted their lives. Sadly, the link between ADHD and social hardship is a recurring theme everywhere. 

I am acutely aware that regardless of apparent success or lack thereof, ADHD, left untreated, negatively affects the lives of everyone who has it, not to mention the lives of those with whom they associate. No single treatment method has proven to be sufficient on its own; fortunately, ADHD is very responsive to multimodal treatment. The impact of ADHD does not have to be debilitating; in fact, ADHD can actually help people succeed if it is understood and leveraged properly toward their strengths. It is possible to live beyond the constant “coping” and “extra energy” required to simply survive in this world; ADHD people can THRIVE.

To that end, I pursued education and training, receiving designation in the specialized field of ADHD Coaching from the ADD Coach Academy. (ADDCA is the only ADD training course recognized by the International Coaching Federation). Adults, youth, and children with supportive parents (or other significant supports) will benefit from my coaching; as will parents who wish to develop ADHD parenting strategies specific for their child’s needs. (ADHD Seminars & Webinars)

Although I am a part of the BC Interior ADHD Clinic in Kelowna, British Columbia (CANADA), and also contract with the University of British Columbia Okanagan campus as an academic strategist for their students who have ADHD, I am available to coach clients anywhere in the world by phone or Skype (as is the practice of most coaches).

My vision is to Coach fellow ADHD'ers (and their caregivers) through a personal transition from “surviving” to “THRIVING” with ADHD.

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